Do we like what we do?

No, we love what we do!

Is there ever an event too small for you to work on?

No, we provide packages to suit all events and budgets, no matter how big or how small. A lot of people are handed these events and don’t know where to start, we take that headache away from you. We can talk you through exactly what you need and are happy to help with any questions along the way. 

What is the average event that you work on?

We work on All Events (hence the name!!) We can help you with organising a work conference, a seminar, awards ceremonies, meetings, product launches, entertainment events, fund raisers, webinars and webcasts, etc.


I’m arranging a small conference for 50-100 staff. What will I need?

You will probably need a standard set-up comprising of the following:

Projector and screen, or a LED video-wall.

Laptops and clicker for presentations. (We recommend MacBooks for reliability).

Sound system (PA) and radio microphones. Plus our “Catchbox”   throwable radio mic to make your Q’n’A more interesting and fun!

A great technician – we have a few! – for the day.

You might add some lighting for atmosphere, and to enhance your brand identity.

The venue said they have ‘all the equipment needed’. Is this normal?

NO! Some hotels/venues are better than others but their systems are generally very basic, and hotels usually would not have a qualified technician when help is needed. You might be told to “Hang on (30 minutes) and I’ll send down the Porter!!” The last thing you want is for the sound to be muffled or screeching during your event, only to find there is nobody capable of fixing the problem.

I’m organizing an awards ceremony. What will I need for this?

We love awards ceremonies! If you have had a conference during the day, then the equipment used would go a long way towards the evening’s awards. You would probably need to include exciting lighting, a classy podium and a nice background for the stage. Remember, the evening’s photos will be the takeaway so the venue would need to look sharp.

Will we need a stage?

Most venues have decent stages but we can certainly provide staging if needed.

The boss wants to film the presenters. Can you do this?

Absolutely! We have filmed many conferences and awards ceremonies, but note the presenters would need to be informed for their approval in advance.

I’m not very good at Powerpoint or Keynote! Help!!

No problemo! Our techs are proficient in both. We check all presentations in advance to make sure all content is playing properly, there are no font issues, and to make sure embedded video/audio are all working. If there are issues, we fix them for you. Done!

We won’t have the presentations until the last minute because the presenters keep making changes. Is this a problem?

Not really! But we come up against this very regularly so we are well used to the last minute scenarios

One presenter wants to run their presentation from a remote server. Is this ok?

We strongly advise against this. All too many times have we seen presenters have a meltdown/’quiet moment!’ due to connectivity issues. If it is for security reasons, then we advise that the presenter bring the presentation on their own laptop, with the HDMI port ‘unlocked’. This is a very regular situation for us with banks or IT companies, and a client’s stand-alone laptop usually solves this issue.

We want to show the match on the screens during dinner. Can we do this?

Yes. It takes a bit of planning and it depends on a number of factors. If the match is ‘free-to-air’ then it is very straightforward. We have shown numerous Rugby, Football, GAA and Golf events over the years. If your event is a public one and the TV supplier is a subscription channel, then a specific approach needs to be taken. We can arrange all of this for you.

How do I stop the presenter from rambling on, way over their allotted time?

Ahhh yes, this hairy old chestnut. We have a number of solutions but the most diplomatic one we offer is a ‘Traffic Light’ cuing system. This usually does the trick!

Can you record our event for us? We would like to webcast it afterwards to our staff. We are also considering a webinar at a later date. Is this something you do?

Yes and yes! We have done both on many occasions and have great expertise in this particular area. And you will be surprised at how cost-effective we can be!