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    Presentation Tips

    Maureen McCowen is a presentation and communication skills expert. Here, Maureen offers you some excellent presentation tips and advice.

    7 Step Presentation Preparation Checklist

    “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”. –  Alexander Graham Bell 

    Use these 7 steps to help you prepare for your next presentation.

    1. The Audience

    • Who will be in the audience?
    • What level of knowledge do they have?
    • How much information do they need to know?

    2.The Purpose

    • What is the purpose of your presentation? Is it to inform? To persuade? To motivate?

    3.Gather and Filter

    • Brainstorm all of your information.
    • Gather the facts
    • Keep what is appropriate for your audience and your purpose

    4. Structure

    • Decide your speech structure
    • Use the rule of three- have 3 main points
    • Have clear transitions between points

    5. Opening

    • Create a strong opening- e.g. a story; a question; an intriguing statement

    6. Closing

    • Finish with a strong closing
    • Have a clear call to action

    7. Slides

    • Do you need slides? They are not your notes!
    • Use them to help the audience understand or remember your presentation
    • Use images rather than text


    Maureen McCowen is a Communication and Presentation Skills Specialist who helps business professionals create and deliver presentations with impact.

    Maureen is available for both group and individual coaching. Please contact her at this address:

    087 2808734

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