Remote Working: The Employee’s Perspective

Remote Working: HSA Guidelines.
August 13, 2020
Remote Working: Correct Office Ergonomics.
August 13, 2020
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Remote Working: The Employee’s Perspective

This is very important information for employees presently working from home or with co-workers.





  • Implement your learning from the COVID -19 Safety Induction Programme



  • Know who your lead worker representative is and the designated area you should go it if you have suspected symptoms of COVID-19.


  • Respect physical distance with your co -workers and all other persons you come in contact with.


  • In settings where the 2 metres physical separation from another person, cannot be ensured between, maintain at least a distance of 1 metre or as much distance as is reasonably practicable in smaller spaces such as elevators, corridors.


  • Give right of way to a person exiting a room, toilet lobby, building or walking down a stairwell where 2 metres cannot be ensured.


  • Follow entry and exit foot flow measures provided by your employer.


  • Avoiding making close contact with people (i.e. do not shake hands).


  • Avail of the hand sanitisers and wipes, so you can perform hand hygiene at your workplace especially after touching hand rails, elevator buttons and other communal hand touch surfaces.


  • Know where the hand wash sinks are in your work place.


  • Use card to pay for items, avoid using cash where possible.


  • Do not share objects that touch your mouth, for example, bottles or cups.


  • Use your own pen.


  • Dispose of your rubbish in appropriate waste bin provided at work.


  • If a plastic screen barrier is in place, kept it clean.


  • If hot desking is part of your office organisation system, cleaning and disinfect of the equipment/ keyboard and desk, must take place before and after using.


  • Accommodate the cleaning and disinfection of all shared equipment and reduce unnecessary interactions between different shift changes.


  • Follow any new plans put in place by your employer to reduce staff density, staggered breaks, work shifts.


  • Your work area may be allocated into work zones to reduce employee interaction and restrict movement of personnel.


  • Usetechnology for video/virtual meetings where possible.


  • Limit the number of meetings including length and proximity of gatherings where possible.


  • Recommend to maintain a contact log of persons you come into close contact with, to facilitate contact tracing.


  • Sanitise your hands after visiting the toilet or using communal areas.


  • Gloves are not a substitute for hand washing.


  • Clean clothes must be worn at work, ensuring foot wear to also clean.


  • Look after your mental health. Mediation, mindfulness or relaxation exercises can assist in achieving good mental health.


  • Get rest, 8 hours of good sleep help make the next 16 easier.


  • Maintain excellent personal hygiene at all times.

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